JUST CORSECA stands for Understated Elegance, Quality, Cutting-Edge Technology, Reliable Performance and Service you can depend on. Since 2010, JUST CORSECA has touched the lives of more than a million customers both online and offline.

JUST CORSECA is the market leader by volume in the Bluetooth Audio category riding on its growing sales in speakers and headphones. Power Products as a category which was launched in mid-2016 has added to JUST CORSECA’s reputation as a brand with winners in each sub-category.

Our Story

Launched in 2010, JUST CORSECA – The flagship brand of Damson Technologies Pvt. Ltd. providers of innovative Life Style gadgets and mobile accessories products.

JUST CORSECA encourages innovation in all aspects of its business. Be it Technology that touches millions of lives every day or processes which make the technology possible or the service that makes our users smile or the logistics and supply capacity that our clients rely on. JUST CORSECA thrives on its core philosophy – Innovation, Design and Quality Leadership.

The brand with the inventive design team based out of Spain is with the mission to offer the best design for the entire range of products. Catering the industry with its Digital products are portable and affordable adding high values to the lifestyle. The premium series products are patented modern minimalist design elements developed by Damson’s in-house studio. The series has provided Indian audiophiles superlative sound solutions with quality rendition, bass, power and iconic, stunning looks.

Wireless technology blends with JUST CORSECA’s in-house developed Digital Signal Processor to deliver the best audio technology to your living room while retaining the warm sound delivery of classic heritage systems. Distortion Free Bass Management system ensures the perfect balancing of beats and rhythm and true rendering of high and low frequencies with thunderous bass.

Audio products are developed by keeping in mind delivering all kind of beats like Pop, Hip-Hop, Blues, Metal, Rock or party to Bollywood type melodies.

JUST CORSECA remains one of the most trusted brands since its inception by ensuring the best quality and stylishness in the entire range of products under all different categories.

Set of team members under the product selection department carefully shortlist the products to be part of JUST CROSECA’s product basket by considering the demand, market taste and innovative value additions for our customers. There are about more than thirty range of products makes our product basket complete.

Our Network

JUST CORSECA products are available in all major online and offline channels. Our own E-Commerce platform is catering our range of products direct to our end customers, while our offline strong channel partner network is catering our walk-in customers across the country. Our other online partners are www.amazon.in and www.flipkart.com

Innovative Approach

JUST CORSECA is the pioneer in launching innovative products under different product ranges. Our Data Charging Cable with Timer, Power Diaries with options of Wired and Wireless Charging and few other products are the first-ever innovative products launched under our brand. Innovation is at the core of our business. Apart from the in-house implementation of innovative thoughts, we also accept Out-of-the-box feedback and suggestions from our customers across the globe. In return, our customers get benefits of products with creative design and functionalities addition.

Our Vision

The Vision of the company is to become a world leader in mobile accessories and audio products manufacturing and to leave an imprint on the global platform, much of which is already achieved. Apart from catering to demand through its own brands, the company is an OEM partner for many well-known brands across the globe. The OEM association has proved to have symbiotic positives for Damson and the brands through an active exchange of best industry practices. Manufacturing is an edge that enables Damson to stay on top in an industry crowded by trading brands. The promoters of the company are committed to making JUST CORSECA a brand that resides in the heart of every Indian music lover and accessory user as their preferred choice through its quality offerings.