Celebrating Women's Day

The Superiority Game: Who Scores higher? Men or Women

When we say men are the “best” moneymakers, scientists, engineers, artists, chefs, journalists, and leaders it’s not just simply untrue but also far from the reality.
Women are not better than men, they are “superior “. Ever wonder why? It’s the nature and length of the long reigning oppression that women have adapted to.

Higher expectations from women-right from the beauty standards to achieving a perfect work-life balance-have led them to become actually better than their male counterparts who either specialize in one of the departments. From being better heart surgeons to pulling off a better execution to handle the pandemic on a national level, female leaders have proved their competence time and again.

The expectations from a woman to outperform a man at work—irrespective of the fact that most women also take have to do more household work than men— are problematic, but they have led women to develop these extraordinary management capabilities wherein in they thrive.

Although it is not appropriate to generalize “all men as cruel” and “all women as motherly and empathetic“, it can safely be said that all women do encounter patriarchal oppression in their lives. What’s more? They’ve managed to be more efficient managers, surgeons with higher precision, bolder journalists, fearless activists, courageous lawmakers and actresses.

Despite continual attempts to discredit women in jokes or in speeches, either by mocking their driving skills, or their physical strength agility, women have risen to the occasion to become Olympic medalists , weightlifters, firefighters , and sensible drivers.

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