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Just Corseca launches Sonique TWS earbuds in India: Price, features and more

Just Corseca launches Sonique TWS earbuds in India: Price, features and more


Just Corseca has launched Sonique TWS earbuds in India. The newly launched earbuds pack a 300mAh battery and claim to deliver up to 5 hours of non-stop audio playback on a single charge.

Just Corseca Sonique TWS earbuds: Price, colours and availability

Just Corseca Sonique TWS earbud is priced at Rs 4,999. Customers can choose among three colour options– Black, Blue, and a Limited Gold Edition. The limited Gold edition is only for the first 500 customers.
The earbuds are available online from the company’s official website at justcorseca.in, Amazon.in and Flipkart.com. The earbuds are also available offline in retail stores in all metro cities.

Just Corseca Sonique TWS earbuds: Features
The earbuds are built with a combo of organic glass and premium alloy metals. Each earbud claims to offer up to 22 hours of playback time.

The Sonique earbuds are built using a Zinc alloy unibody for both the earbuds and the case. Each earbud is shaped and designed for a snug fit that ensures it delivers comfort with good audio.

The metal earbuds are teamed with an organic back glass with a touch-sensitive button. It features various functions such as track change, volume adjustments, call answering, and voice assistant activation.

The Sonique earbuds are built with the latest TWS technologies. It features the AD6973-D4 BT V5.1 chipset for lower power consumption and claims to offer faster data transmission with stable connections.

The audio chipset in each earbud is the JL6973 which promises high-fidelity output for an enhanced and immersive audio experience. Each earbud is equipped with 10mm trumpet drivers.

The case has a USB-C charging power port that helps charge the battery within 90 minutes.

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