Buy One Get Another Free - Offer

Buy one and select another as free gift. Options as per below table only.

Limited Stock!!!

Apply the coupon code ‘HEADPHONE’ and get a brand new Corseca Headphone absolutely free with the listed Corseca portable speakers!

Buy Free Gift
Mu Disc - White 3213 Headphone
Mu Disc- Pink 3213 Headphone
Aqua Boom 3213 Headphone
Cricket Ball 3213 Headphone
Sushi- Pink 3213 Headphone
Sushi- Green 3213 Headphone
Amigo 3 3213 Headphone
Black Boy 3 3213 Headphone


Apply the coupon code ‘CABLE’ and get Corseca 3 in 1 cable just for free on our selected products

Coupon Code CABLE
Buy Free Gift
Hoop 2 3in1 Cable
Carnival 3in1 Cable
Adaptor 2 Port 3in1 Cable
Car Charger 2 Port 3in1 Cable
Ace 3in1 Cable


Apply the coupon code ‘ADAPTOR’ and get Corseca Double Port Adaptor on our premium headsets ‘Hoop-3’

Coupon Code ADAPTOR
Buy Free Gift
Hoop 3 Adaptor 2 Port


corseca india

corseca india

Yes still its on

Lokesh C

Lokesh C

Is still available buy one get another free offer

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