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Corseca Rewards for AarogyaSetu App installers

Corseca Rewards for AarogyaSetu App installers


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A different initiative

The government of India is one of the few to have launched an app to keep the citizens safe and fight against the deadly Corona virus. The application of this app is to connect essential health services with the people of India in our country. While installing the app, it asks you basic questions related to your current and ongoing health conditions and your travel history. If the answers are satisfactory, it declares its installer corona virus free. If not, it prompts the installer to consult nearest clinic and do the required tests.


The prime objective of the app is to help the user identify possible corona virus hotspot around his/her area. The best of the app feature is, it also notifies it user if he/she is near to someone who’s infected by the virus. But, in order to do so, we need to have this app downloaded and installed in as many devices as possible.

The app also has other benefits associated like it helps you self-assess your health conditions, identify the symptoms of the decease & gives you necessary safety measurements to keep safe from the virus infection.

Corseca Encourages the mobile users to download the app

To get the best out of the app, people must acknowledge the government’s appeal to download and install the app on their devices and respond to it. We, at Corseca, encourage people to download and install the app. And in turn, we give you a straight discount on all the products we offer. Corseca understands and appreciates government’s concerns to keep the outbreak contained and hence offer a flat discount of 40% on your order through our website if you have downloaded the app through the Aarogyasetu link share on our web-page.

Acting swiftly

The total number of downloads reported is well above 50 millions (just in the first 13 days since the app was launched) out of the humongous population of 137 crores. The response is good, but can still improve. Let’s download the app and help the nation fight effectively against the outbreak!! Jay Hind!

Please follow the attached link to download Aarogyasetu app to avail discount of 40% on your order:

AarogyaSetu App

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