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Musical Evening with Corseca

Musical Evening with Corseca

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अपनी ही कैद में कैद परिंदा हुं मैं,
सासों का चलना ज़िंदगी है तो ज़िन्दा हूँ मै||
It’s been a while people haven’t stepped out of their house, keeping your feet’s on ground and stepping out still seems like a dream to the humanity. This pandemic or we call it the Lockdown has set everyone into their homes and continuous to do so. But, what could be the ultimate solution to the case? The answer still remains the same STAY IN!
All those who love going out to cafes and are fond of attending live shows with your gang enjoying your drink all this have been a memory to us nowadays why worry??
We got your back! We at CORSECA invite all of you to the musical concert with the most Melodious voice in the town AKRITA at your screens, seems like plan?
So this Friday don’t miss the fun of enjoying the heartfelt music at a club or bar. Be at your place and give that treat to your ears.
What will be there in the live session and why to be there??
We at CORSECA bring you the unplugged session along with Akrita at our official Instagram page with her singing the most melodious and your favorites, on your demand with exciting gifts and prizes from CORSECA.
How will you get the prizes??
What is the meaning of prize if you don’t win it and earn it, while you enjoy the melodious voice we will ask you some random questions about the music you like and every question brings you the chance to win exciting prizes from CORSECA. Each right will get a shoutout on our official pages.
What time?
Meet us at our official Instagram page at 6:30 pm IST and join us with your request to the most loved songs, we ensure you to go with a soft heart and light mind along with beautiful goodies and prizes from  us to spend rest of your Quarantine days.
So peeps get along with your smartphones and enjoy the unplugged session with your favorite musical brand CORSECA and melodious voice of Akrita
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